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Dianne Halyn is the ultimate destination and shopper’s heaven for all jewelry enthusiasts with an exclusive and unique taste along with a deep appreciation for homemade jewelry and craft. With our wide and rich variety of unique and custom-made elegant and exquisite pieces, we satisfy all your individual artistic tastes and provide eye-catching and glamorous jewelry pieces to match and compliment your apparel for any occasion. It can be a wedding, a bridal shower, an anniversary or even a birthday.

Our  jewelry incorporates an exquisite blend of artsy beads, rare gem stones, antiqued metals, and a worldly blend of intricate chains and unique beadwork, we provide exactly what you need to flaunt and compliment your style.

Shop at Dianne Halyn, and enjoy your moment of glamour!

Duzy Studs

Druzy Studs are the hot new versatile trend! These Beautiful Studs can be worn for all occasions! Perfect gift for a birthday or even a gift for your bridal party. Available in many colors! 



Our bracelets are a timeless pieces for both men and women! All bracelets are made with various beads, chains & charms. They can also be customized. 


These Rosary inspired Necklaces is a top seller! The Rosary necklace can be use for traditional reasons or for Trend. These are made to order in various colors. Also can be customized to your liking.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcomed!!