Mala – Dianne Halyn



Malas are often called meditation or prayer beads. You can hold your mala in one hand and count the beads as you speak a mantra or just breathe in meditation.

Speaking mantras while counting beads keeps the mind from drifting during meditation or just sitting in peace, it also keeps track of how many repetitions we’ve done. When we’ve gone all the way around a traditional mala (tassel to tassel), we know we’ve spoken 108 repetitions, which is a spiritually significant number.

Mala beads are for everyone whether they meditate or not. They aren’t just for reciting mantras or prayers. They also just look beautiful and the attributes of the gemstones are quite healing in and of themselves, so you can just wear them for vibrational benefit.

Also, when we speak mantras with beads, we infuse the beads with the energy of our thoughts, so when we wear the mala throughout the day, we are kept mindful of our Higher Intentions.