About the Designer – Dianne Halyn

About the Designer


The driving force and innovation behind Dianne Halyn (DH) is the unique and artistic talent of Tracey Romain. The pseudonym Dianne Halyn is derived from her mother Dianne and her daughter Nylah (Halyn spelt backwards). Her passion for Jewelry, beadwork, and creating artistic and exhilarating patterns from rare gemstones is unique. In 2009 she decided to make a name for herself in the jewelry business and commercialize her talent to earn the success and recognition that her art truly deserves.

Growing up in Brooklyn New York, Tracey was exposed to several cultures and traditions from all over the world that had a profound influence on her craft and sense of style. The primary influence of her art and passion has been that of her Caribbean ancestry. Her mother is from Trinidad while her dad hails from Grenada. She incorporates them into her work using an exquisite and unique blend of traditional techniques of jewelry making.

Through constant innovations and beautification of jewelry making techniques, Tracey is dedicated to providing her clients with unique jewelry pieces that attract instant attention. She holds her art in great esteem and aims to beautify and enhance the wardrobe of both male and female.

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